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Open since 1990, O'Toole's Herb Farm is a certified organic herb nursery and gardens.  We wholesale and retail herbal plants, fresh-cut herbs and greens, and shiitake mushrooms.  On site are 2 gift shops full of herbal products, regional art, gardening supplies and organic products. 

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Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying the first taste of spring in the south land. We had snow last night but the daffodils and forsythia tell me it will soon be spring here too and I think most of us are ready after this cold winter.
It's workshop time again and I have attached a flyer. We will be working with the wood element which is liver/gallbladder in Chinese medicine.  Considered by many health practitioners to be the most important element. It's season is spring and this is the year of the yang wood horse so fantastic time to work on the liver!
The emotions associated with the liver are generosity, compassion and kindness and the ones we acquire are anger, impatience, frustration and depression. We'll use movement and meditation to work with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Weather permitting I'm hoping to get us outside to do our liver exercises with the trees.
We'll do a review at the end and hopefully close at the beautiful labyrinth.
Please come and play on April 19 at B's with Windee Willoughby!   Flyer
I'm on the road for work, play and parental duties but feel free to call on my cell 828 342 5417




It is with a heavy heart I share the news of the loss of our dear
Rufus on April 22, 2013. His sweetness and joy of living will be
sorely missed at the Herb Farm by all, especially me as well as
Lucy and Maggie and Roosevelt and many of you too. But I know
there is one red puppy dog flying high right now, racing up a hill
looking for his daddy who is just right over the ridge, waiting.
Rufus and Toolie together at last. That makes me smile.



More Press
O'Toole's Herb Farm was in the April-May, 2012, edition of Home & Design.
Check out the glorious color spread. :-)



Monday Morning Volunteers! What on earth would this farm do without their unselfish devotion, amazing hard work and constant bright spirits! To my regulars: Franny Davenport, Judie Baldwin, Dot Bacot and Pattie Ward, I thank you and to our newcomer: Mark George, I welcome you!!!


Sales of plants are restricted to the South East Fire Ant here for the fire ant infestation map.

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