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Open since 1990, O'Toole's Herb Farm is a certified organic herb nursery and gardens.  We wholesale and retail herbal plants, fresh-cut herbs and greens, and shiitake mushrooms.  On site are 2 gift shops full of herbal products, regional art, gardening supplies and organic products.    Remember that we are now primarily a wholesale nursery but are delighted to have retail guests.  Call in advance to set up an appointment.

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Groups are always welcome by special request.

Life is good at OTooles Herb Farm.  Our late winter and early spring were absolutely beautiful!  Everything greened up so quickly and Ive never heard birds singing with such gusto!  My plans for slowing down a bit have been put into place and I really am enjoying SPRING for the first time in many years.  I am actually looking forward to SUMMER---a first since I was a kid!
Friday Morning Yoga is amazing.  Wonderful sessions continue to grow in attendance, all led by our marvelous team of teachers.  Please join us at 9:30 in the Heartspace, $10.  Herbal treats and fellowship to follow.  Our plan is to continue through July, stop for the month of August and start right back up in September.  Call if you have any questions.
The Greenhouse is a lovely place to visit.  It is so healthy and vibrant thanks to the continued support of our Monday Monday volunteers.  This group cannot be beat and I am so grateful.
The Garden is quickly coming out of its winter doldrums and looking quite beautiful.  Thank you, Roosevelt Oliver, who like I am is trying to slow down a little bit, but cannot quite let it go~
Call before you come but please do come.  Look forward to seeing you.  850-973-3629

in the greenhouse with B


Monday morning volunteers 



Monday Morning Volunteers! What on earth would this farm do without their unselfish devotion, amazing hard work and constant bright spirits! I thank you!!!   

Sales of plants are restricted to the South East Fire Ant here for the fire ant infestation map.

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we're too busy growing herbs.

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O'Toole's Herb Farm
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