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 Our Labyrinth

        Always open when the gate is open. 
                    No need to ask. 



What is a Labyrinth?  Labyrinths are usually in the form of a circle with a meandering but purposeful path, from the edge to the center and back again, large enough to be walked into.  Each has only one path and when we choose to enter it, the path becomes a metaphpr for our journey through life.  The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool meant to awaken us to the deep rhythms of our inner life.  In surrendering to the winding path, the soul finds healing and wholeness.  The labyrinth is a sacred space and can give us first hand experience of the Divine.* 

*From "Walking a Sacred Oath" by Lauren Artless

When not walking by foot, following beautiful labyrinths by eye proves a fine alternative.



We invite you to revisit the Labyrinth with the new sign designed and constructed by Aileen Winter Mostel, that will instruct and guide you as you walk the Labyrinth. 

The sign was funded by a loving donation from Julie and Leon Neel in memory of Jim O’Toole

"I associate the garden with the whole experience of being alive,
and so, there is nothing in the range of human experience
that is separate from what the garden can signify
in its eagerness and its insistence,
and in its driving energy to live---to grow, to bear fruit."

The Wild Braid
by Stanley Kunitz with Genine Lentine



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